I dream of living in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. I’ve visited and stayed there in bliss. I love it’s remoteness, the people, it’s spectacularly greenery and lush rivers. The Blue Mountains are famous for the world renowned coffee it produces. Few other places have the climate and terrain to produce such an amazing crop. A cup of Blue Mountain coffee to me is a rare and real treat. That with a simple piece of steamed snapper works for me.

Coffee production as with most other agricultural products globally has been farmed intensively and industrial chemicals used to enhance and protect crop production. However, Jamaica is seeing a return to organic coffee production and increasing numbers of farmers are moving back to this way of farming. Rohan Marley, son of Bob, has taken up the baton of his father’s farming roots and is the founder of Marley Coffee an organic, sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted coffee.

Coffee growing country.  Blue Mountains, Jamaica

Coffee growing country. Blue Mountains, Jamaica. Credit Marley Coffee®

All Marley Coffee products live up to the Rastafari standards of ITAL, standing for all things Pure, True and Vital, which insists that all products are sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted. A portion of every sale of Marley Coffee supports Kicks for Cause. Started by Marley Coffee, Kicks for Cause is a programme that aims to build playable soccer fields and soccer camps for children of coffee-producing communities in Jamaica and beyond. Marley Coffee is also a supporter of 1Love.org, which was started with the Marley family to support youth, planet and peace.and is one of the coffee estates.  Check out his commitment to organic methods in the you tube short documentary on the website http://www.marleycoffee.co.uk. His coffee gets great reviews and is available in the UK, you can find it online here.

Take a look at Marley Coffee’s journey and Jamaica’s return to organic coffee farming in this interesting documentary.

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