As you may or may not know, I am an avid gardener. I love the process of cultivation, working with the soil, the watering of plants and the cycle of growth. I particularly  worms. Yes, as every gardener knows worms tell the story of the soil. No worms are a bad sign, lots of worms mean good soil health. Worms are part of an eco-system that says all is well and the ground is teaming with nutrients. Everything starts with soil. The food that we eat is only as healthy as the earth in which it grows…and we are only as healthy as the food we eat.

Below is the TED talk from Graeme Sait which I saw last year. His research links soil health to human health and he connects the health of our food to the health of our whole system. It is one of the most powerful talks I have ever heard.

Organic gardening and farming protects the delicate environmental system producing food rich in nutrients and free from harmful chemicals. If we are to be well, be as resilient as possible against illness we should eat as organically as possible.

Whenever possible I try to buy food which is Soil Association approved. Soil Association is a great organisation with a very high certification standard covering organic and ethically produced goods.

Gardening and growing your own fresh veg is a great way of getting organic fruit and veg on your plate.  To top up your produce needs there are also lots of places to buy organic fresh food. If you can get to your local farmers markets then this is a great option and means that eating organically doesn’t have to be expensive.

*18th Feb 2014: Take a read of The Importance Of Soil a great piece on soil health by fellow blogger Locally Germinated.

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