I love stories about great UK companies producing organic, ethical goods that also inspire us to better health.  Pukka Herbs are such a company.  Pukka Herbs started with Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell, Sebastian is a trained herbalist, co-founder and Herbal Tea Creator and Tim, the commercial side of the team. You may have seen their teas in your health stores and on your local supermarket shelves.  Pukka Herbs produce teas and herbal products that are committed to being organic, fair trade, kind to the earth as well as focusing on health.  Speaking about their commitment to organic principles Sebastian says in his interview with Soil Association: “we felt strongly that we did not want to try and improve people’s health but damage the planet’s in the process. So an organic business was the only way. Organic farming improves everyone’s health; the soil’s, the water’s, the air’s, the animals’, the people’s; the whole ecosystem’s. It’s what Pukka Herbs is all about”*.  The ethos behind Pukka Herbs is Ayurveda, an ancient Indian philosophy which takes a holistic approach to guiding and inspiring us so that we can live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.  The philosophy of Ayurveda believes that health exists when there is a synergistic balance in our bodies.  Ayurveda recognises our individual uniqueness and focuses on food, lifestyle, massage, yoga and herbal remedies to suit our individual make-up and lives.

The herbs in Pukka’s teas are created with this philosophy as the basis and all have specific health benefits.  The icing on the cake is that Pukka teas are absolutely delicious.  If your thoughts on herbal teas are based on the fruit teas from way back when, a little too sweet and without any real flavour, then it’s time to try Pukka blends.   My favourite blend is Pukka Three Ginger, a blend of ginger, turmeric and galangal.

Tea time.

Tea time.

This is a clever combination of the ginger family as all three herbs are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  Ginger has been used for thousands of years to support health and Turmeric in particular has been written about at length as a powerful herbs for the huge range of health benefits it has (see here for the post on herbs and spices).  This tea is an indulgent flavour full of warmth and spice helping aid digestion whilst being uplifting.

Herbal teas are really infusions as they do not come from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis and are great alternative to black teas and coffee as they don’t contain caffeine, they are easy to drink on a day to day basis.  I love nothing more that a nice cuppa.

Pukka teas can be bought online from Pukka Herbs website, to see their full range click here.

*Sebastian Pole of Pukka Herbs in Bristol – Soil Association – Organic Heroes (http://www.soilassociation.org/organicheroes/organicheroes/articleid/1304/sebastian-pole-of-pukka-herbs-in-bristol)

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  1. NeetaBali

    Oh Wow I am so in love with Pukka teas too and right now as I came across your post Lorraine, I am drinking Three Ginger 🙂 I have it every single day!!!


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