Stay warm this winter as temperatures begin to drop to freezing and below with luxurious creamy Chocolate Tea.

Chocolate Tea is made with Jamaican chocolate which is raw cacao, considered a superfood rich in antioxidants, minerals like iron and magnesium and vitamins.  A fantastic source of energy and good for overall health.

Traditionally Chocolate Tea in Jamaica is drunk in the morning as a hot drink to start off the day. It is also the drink to greet guests who are coming to pay their respects when someone has passed.

The raw chocolate is made by drying the fresh cocoa beans in the sun, slightly toasting it in a pan, then using a pestle and mortar to grind the beans which have a pasty texture, this is then rolled into cigar shaped chocolate logs or into balls which can be stored for many months in an airtight container. Raw cocoa is bitter and can have a smokiness to it which adds to it’s flavour and I think is rich and gorgeous. The raw chocolate is then simmered in coconut milk, spices and sweetened to make the tea.

Rich Jamaican Chocolate rolled into "cigar" shapes.  A real treat courtesy of a relative's visit to the island.

Rich Jamaican Chocolate rolled into “cigar” shapes. A real treat courtesy of a relative’s visit to the island.

Jamaican chocolate can be found in specialist Caribbean food stores or if you’re lucky someone will bring you some back from a trip to the island itself :-).  If you can’t find this chocolate you can try using raw cacao nibs from a whole food store and add the spices whilst warming.

For those who love chocolate, a drink made from raw cocoa is the ultimate drink! For those of us who remember chocolate tea from our youth, bring it back, it’s a great raw food and fantastic winter warmer.


1/4 finger length of Jamaica Chocolate roll (1/3 of Jamaican Chocolate ball)
3/4 cup of water
3/4 cup coconut milk or almond milk
1 Cinnamon leaf or 1 Cinnamon Stick
A pinch of Sea Salt
A pinch of Nutmeg

Mix the water and coconut/almond milk. Next grater in the chocolate, or if it’s soft you can break it up and add to the water and milk. Add cinnamon leaf or stick and nutmeg. Gently let it simmer until the chocolate is dissolved. You should sip this cautiously off the stove as it’s very hot as the oil in the cacao retains a lot of heat. I would recommend letting it cool for a while and test to see when good for you.

I like mine without any sweetness, but if that’s a bit too much for you and you do need to sweeten then try a natural ingredient like honey or stevia as this has low G.I.  Alternatively you could go the tried and tested Jamaican route of adding condensed milk 😉


Nice Tip! Chocolate Tea with saltfish fritters for the ultimate weekend breakfast.  Yum!



If you’re looking for Jamaican chocolate to buy check out the awesome Jamaica Patty Co who have a store in London.

*This post is an updated version of the original post published in 5th January 2014.

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