So as June turns the corner I take a breather.  The last few months have been a busy time. Planning, ordering, sowing, potting on, hardening off and finally planting out.  Ahh, the planting out is such a triumphant moment, the culmination of months of frantic hard work.  Then right on que the days get much warmer just as they are now noticeably gloriously longer and at this moment all is well in the garden and in my soul.  At this point it’s time to stop and look at the glory of garden, it is rarely as beautiful again as it is at the closing days of Spring and on the breast of Summer.  There’s still enough fresh greeness to make the abundance feel new, exciting and expectant.

So today, I sat silently in the glory of the afternoon sun with a mug of tea, slowed to the rhythm of the garden and truly enjoyed all that it is.

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