Tomorrow is the end of a wonderful week of celebrations of allotments and their owners.

I’ve been on a journey of looking at allotments and checking out Caribbean veg and other delights.  This year the week has emphasised the benefits that allotments bring to everyone regardless of age or gender and to also highlight the fact that we need to value our remaining plots and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

I spent far too much time chatting and learning from allotmenteers rather than taking photos as there were so many wonderful things to see.  However, here are a couple of the wonderful people and crops I encountered on the journey.

Teresinha’s Allotment

Woad, flax and heavenly scents

Woad, flax and aphrodisiacs

Teresinha’s plot is awesome.  There’s a whole cottage industry going on right on before your eyes.  Teresinha is a textile artist and sculptress, she grows the natural raw fabrics and dyes on her plot and them spins and weaves them to make lovely clothing items.  In high summer you will be able smell her plot across the land with the sweet scent of goldenrod flowers on the air, which are apparently an aphrodisiac.  Check out her lovely website Wild Colours and Wild Paper.

Karl’s Allotment

thumb_Walsall Road Allotments - Carl_1024

Corn, pumpkins, callaloo (that self seeds no less!), beans and all manner of loveliness is on Karl’s plot.

Vinette’s Allotment


Vinette has a lovely plot filled with a great spread of Caribbean pumpkin, African kale, brassicas and fruits.   I almost want to get a pan out.

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