I love local knowledge.  Local knowledge leads you to the most fantastic finds.

Conversations with neighbours has led me to blackberries, elderflowers, sloes and all manner of goodness.  My lovely neighbour introduced me to a cobnut tree that I had never spotted and wasn’t even quite sure what it looked like.

Cobnuts Tree

Cobnuts are the name of the English hazelnut. Like most nuts they can be eaten green having a soft texture and slight coconutty taste, perfect as a snack or topping granola. Or if the squirrels allow they can be harvested as the mature brown nuts.

I am so pleased I was shown it and luckily for me there are still cobnuts to be found on it.  I am almost certainly in competition with squirrels for these and it’s a competition that I am not likely to be the successor at.  However, as long as a can get a small jar full then it will be more than please as they will last throughout the winter.

Cobnuts are English hazelnuts. Like almonds they can be eat green where they are soft and have a mild coconutish type flavour.  This was my first time eating them green and  they were lovely. I have snacked on them and added them to granola breakfasts.  They need to be treated like fresh produce and they won’t last long without spoiling.

If left to mature to the lovely deep brown we traditionally associate with hazelnuts they become sweet and can be stored like regular nuts.


Green cobnuts. These were on the ground underneath the tree.

I am looking forward to harvesting mature nuts too.  That’s if the squirrels allow!

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  1. Mary

    Wow! What an amazing site. Love this article, makes me want to try cobnuts! They look yummy. Oh, your pics are great as well!


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