A basket full of goods from an afternoon of foraging last weekend.

This is my love letter to the hedgerow.

Thank you for the wonderful berries, fruit, nuts and blooms that you provide that makes our plates abundant.  For the delicious crumbles, pies, sauces, jams and flavourings you enable.

I have loved your company since I was a child.  I will always look forward to late summer and autumn and to the spending of entire sunny days with you as I did this weekend.

With love



Foraging treats from a weekend harvest.

Elderberries Resized

Elderberries. Wonderful for cordials and syrups in sprits for Christmas drinks. Beautiful in autumnal fruit pies.

Crab Apples Resized

Crab apples are high in pectin which makes them a great source for adding in when jam making. Also good as a jelly in their own right to eat with rich foods.

Damsons & Sloes

Damsons are wonderful for some many things. They make lovely jams, pies, flavouring for drinks and a cheese.

Sloes are incredibly sour but make a perfect flavouring for spirits such as the infamous sloe gin.

Yellow Plums Resized

Plums Resized

Wild plums tend to be a little smaller that cultivated garden varieties. They are lovely and sweet when fully ripe. Add into fruit pies or make jams with them.


Cordial or tea are the perfect thing for rosehips.

Blackberries. Here is a simple recipe that’s perfect for the baskets of hedgerow fruit that you can collect this season.

Blackberries are perhaps the most familiar of the hedgerow fruits and they are everywhere. Perfect for pies, drinks, cheese, or try adding to whisky ;-).

To the hedgerows with love and gratitude.x.

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